How to Pay Via Dwolla

If unfamiliar with Dwolla? We are here to help walk you through the steps.  Dwolla is a quick and easy way to pay directly from your bank account from ours.  All you need is your banking login information and a Dwolla account.

Shop as normal, go to check out and under payment selection click the circle in front os where is says DWOLLA.  Once your selection looks like below click the blue "Complete Order" button.  This will take you to either login or create a DWOLLA account.


Once on the screen below you will be prompted to create an account or to login.  Creating an account is extremely easy.  Input whatever email address and password combination you would like to use, click the box to agree to their terms of service, and click the orange button to "Agree and Continue."

This will bring you to and area where you search and select your supported banking institution.  Some of their popular partnering banks are listed below and are available for easy selection.  If you do not see your banking institution on the upper portion of this screen you will see where to search for it by name.

DWOLLA will then ask you to verify your banking credentials based on the institution you use.  

Once your account is verified by DWOLLA then you are all set to pay for your order direct from you bank account.  No hassle with typing long and tedious account numbers and routing numbers.

Link to DWOLLA's Security & Privacy Page: