Relaxing Bath Herbs with Muslin Bag

Relaxing Bath Herbs with Muslin Bag

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Fragrant baths have been enjoyed for centuries for their healing and purifying properties. After all, it is a wonderful and relaxing feeling to bathe in fresh, fragrant herbs and flowers! This makes the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself.

With our delightful herbal bath blend and a robust floral aroma, your baths will be even better. Our Relaxing Bath Herbs are the perfect way to pamper yourself with a true bathing delight. Our Bath Herbs come with a reusable drawstring muslin bag, allowing you to easily infuse botanical aromas and herbal sensations time and time again. Keep this next to your bath and make sure you enjoy it as much as us!

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers*- 32%, Lavender flowers*- 25%, Comfrey leaf*- 17%, Rose Petals*-12%, Hops flowers*- 9%, Passionflower*- 5% and a blend of true essential oils. *Organic ingredients. (includes muslin bag)

Weight: 3 oz